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CryptoUnits - 1539+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

By crypto worshipper
Cryptocurrency Forensics 🚀🌑

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Shiba Saga

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Their official site text

Launching on 22nd of August 2023, $SHIA will be the first MEME coin (with utility) to offer a collection of games (Saga) that share the same token. A collection of rebranded casual games that people already know how to play and love, done the Shiba way. Another first for the industry will be a complete on-chain system for upgrading/sharing characters and other collectibles (NFTs) across all of the Shiba Saga games. As part of an already large Shiba community, Shiba Saga aims to help grow the community even further and build a truly utility driven Shiba Metaverse. The team consists of veterans from both the gaming and blockchain industry with a clear vision to create an accessible and profitable Play and Earn (GameFi 2.0) ecosystem, abandoning P2E (play to earn) for a more sustainable model. Currently in production and pre-production, is this collection of rebranded Shiba Saga games, based on the classics: At the core of the Shiba Saga ecosystem are these (to be rebranded) classic and casual games. All games in the collection share an on-chain interconnected system where users can earn and spend the same $SHIA token across every game and with every new release. In addition, a character/ collectible (NFT) unlocked in one game, will have its counterpart unlocked in the other games. With this design we aim to solve a shortcoming of video game production where our players’ collectibles and achievements will carry over between games. Our production pipeline will allow us to release one of these casual Saga games every quarter. 1. Subway Surfers 2. Temple Run 3. Fruit Ninja 4. Color Bump 3D 5. Flappy Bird 6. Pac-Man 7. Candy Crush Saga 8. Angry Birds 9. Crossy Road 10. Tiles Hop 11. Cut the Rope 12. Tetris In the collection of games from the Saga, the ShiaVerse and through community platforms, Shiba Saga will offer NFTs. Some made by our team, others made by the community. Shiba Saga will use protocols specifically developed for GameFi that allow us to enable the community to create content (UGC) as NFTs to be used and traded inside the ShiaVerse. NFTs in the Saga will initially consist of characters (skins), props and items (incl loot). Free starter packs are granted to onboard new players, so they can start playing and earning. To make sure we do not limit the growth of the project, all experiences will be free to play (F2P). With the launch of the ShiaVerse, comes a complete built-in and on-chain economy for users to not only use the NFTs they unlocked in the Saga but also unlock new NFTs, some of which created by the community. Regardless if the NFTs are made by our team or the community, they will be upgradeable and tradable. After the release of our first batch of games from the Saga, our team will start full production on the ShiaVerse, a VR metaverse where the NFTs collected by our users in the Saga games will truly come to life. A social hub with games and other activities where GameFi 2.0 will be implemented to the fullest to tie everything together. This is also the place where our user-driven, $SHIA based economy will live and where user-generated content (UGC) will be hosted. A truly first of its kind MEME metaverse, the ShiaVerse. Unlike any buyback implementation done before, we aim to revolutionize the earning model for games on the blockchain. The games in the Saga collection will not be advertised as crypto games as to appeal to both crypto gamers and non-crypto gamers alike. It’s no secret that most P2E games (regardless of popularity) have a small active player base. While free to play (F2P) games not tied to our industry have massive player bases that generate sustainable income for their publishers, without being heavily dependent on financial markets. Income we generate from our non-crypto users, through ads and in-app purchases, will be used by our team to buyback $SHIA. These tokens will then be burned to help maintain a healthy pricefloor all year round. The ability to stake $SHIA (for rewards) will be made available even before launch and guarantees a reward multiplier for those that stake their $SHIA before launch-day. Staking $SHIA will reward users not only with more $SHIA but also with exclusive in-game and community collectibles (NFTs). Finally, staking is also how holders will gain their Governance stake in the project, the more $SHIA a holder has staked, the more voting power they will have on the direction of the project. Vesting for presale investors basically entails locked auto-staking as to maximize their returns. The community will be at the centre of all things Shiba Saga and we intend to build this project with our community as equals. From their ideas about the project, Governance stake gained through staking share and user-generated content, the community will make a
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