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CryptoUnits - 1539+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

By crypto worshipper
Cryptocurrency Forensics 🚀🌑

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Infinity Box

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Their official site text

Jump start your Infinity BOX

Experience unrestricted and decentralized data storage for free

Securely store all your files in a decentralized, immutable, and unrestricted manner with tools used to build the decentralized web

Empowering the Distributed Storage

The decentralized and distributed blockchain based storage network comprising various Infinity BOX Nodes. Infinity BOX will gradually reform the way people store, exchange and validate valuable data.


Overview - Vision

To build a global, peer-to-peer, secure, cross-chain, distributed storage network that is online 24/7. The Infinity BOX will provide storage and storage validation that reimagines and redesigns the way people store, exchange, and validate valuable data.

Infinity BOX is a distributed storage and DeFi network under multi-chain architecture. IBOX Client can be deployed together in conjunction with various public blockchains, storage networks, and personal nodes.

IBOX can provide blockchain storage capabilities with unmatched data security. IBOX solves the problem of a data breach that is prone to centralized storage solutions. Data stored on the network is encrypted, broken into fragments, and distributed to nodes around the world ensuring data cannot be accessed without authorization.

IBOX can store and validate documents, contracts, and reports by utilizing a file digital fingerprint or file hash. This ensures that all documents are securely stored, traceable, not altered or tampered with, and verifiably immutable.

Using IBOX, falsified documents can now become a thing of the past. These business opportunities for IBOX document validation are truly endless. Industries ranging from aerospace to education to government and everything in between are set to benefit from this technology.

After more than 2 years of research and development, component testing, and network and commercial trials, IBOX is ready for commercial implementation. Infinity BOX native token, IBOX, now has usage scenarios that will allow Infinity BOX ecology to progressively improve.

In this white paper, we outline how Infinity BOX constructs a decentralized storage network with storage capabilities.

Design Philosophy

Overview - Design Philosophy

Business Focused:

The design and development priority is based on real business scenarios.

Open for integration:

Though Infinity BOX itself is one storage network, it’s open to integrating other storage networks.

Imperfect Nodes Presumption:

The network architecture allows single-node failure and occasional downtime while the whole network remains robust and secure.

Ownership & Privacy:

Data is encrypted and private. A data owner has complete ownership and access to their data. No one without authorization can access data.

Quantified Contribution:

All contributions to the network are quantified and observable based on measuring methods such as PoR (Proof of Replica).

Eventual Consistency:

Data objects are allowed to have different states at different nodes and can rapidly converge to the entire network consistently.

Monitoring & Recovery:

The entire network availability and data object states are closely monitored and could be spontaneously recovered.

Audit & Supervision:

Data can be monitored and audited in specific situations with the consent of data owners.

Extendable API:

User-friendly API with high extensibility.

IBOX Storage

About - Infinity BOX Storage

Infinity BOX has constructed a distributed storage network that provides cost-effective storage space, reliable data storage, and transparent on-chain information. The Infinity BOX is accessible to global public chains (such as Binance smart chain, and Ethereum), storage networks (such as IPFS, Aliyun, and Baidu Cloud), and personal storage devices (such as hard disks and cloud disks). DApps can be developed based on Infinity BOX.

Definition of Roles


Provides disk capacity for data storage and gets rewarded in IBOX tokens. Storers are also subject to inspection from data owners or Watchers and provide proof of storage.


Observes the entire network state, checks the security state according to the security strategy and fixes existing or potential loopholes. Watchers must be constantly online. They are essential for the rapid convergence of the whole network and perfect for data indexing.


Similar to miners in blockchain networks, miners need to run a client (terminal or GUI) to store block information and process and bundle transactions. The network’s stability, connectivity, and throughput rate highly rely on Miners.

The above three roles work together to fulfill storage requests on the Infinity BOX. See the Diagram below:

The Watcher observes the entire network and maintains the status of the Storers. When storage requests are sent to a Miner, the Miner checks the status of Storers via a Watcher and assigns the data storage tasks to Storers to store the data. At the same time, a new block containing the storage request transaction is generated by Miner.

Multi-chain (upcoming)

Infinity BOX is designed as a cross-chain storage network that defines the basic operations of data.

In Future versions of IBOX will enable smart contract requests and Storage & Validation requests to be made simultaneously. In the below diagram:

Infinity BOX’s ability to complete cross-chain uploads to multiple blockchains enables other chains to utilize Storage & Validation capability. It reduces the need for other chains to build their own Storage & Validation functions and also makes cross-chain data verification possible.

Data Encryption

Data Security - Data Encryption

The data is always encrypted when it’s transferred via the network or stored on local storage systems. As shown in the below diagram:

When users interact with IBOX nodes via a DApp to send storage requests along with data, a secure channel is established via HTTPS, and the data transferred between a DApp and IBOX nodes is always encrypted.

Data Security

About - Data Security

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