Are you curious about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain? Finding the best cryptocurrency websites can be challenging, like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, I’ve done the hard work for you! After extensive research, I’ve curated a collection of the finest crypto links that are dedicated to expanding your knowledge of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Many of these websites I’ve personally used. Keep checking back, as this list continues to grow over time. Don’t forget to bookmark it for future reference, Cryptounit!




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CryptoUnits - 1539+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

By crypto worshipper
Cryptocurrency Forensics 🚀🌑

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Burn Kenny

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Welcome to Burn Kenny

Banner Image

Whitepaper: Burn Kenny Token

"Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"

The Meme Token No One Asked For, But We Made Anyway!

Welcome to the world of Burn Kenny, the hilariously irreverent, rude, and absolutely utility-free meme coin that will have you rolling on the floor. Inspired by our favorite perpetually-doomed South Park character, Kenny McCormick, this super deflationary token has been set up to do one thing - get burnt! Just like poor Kenny, our tokens are destined for a swift and fiery end.


"You Bastards!"

Total Token Supply: 6,666,666,666
An arbitrary, somewhat evil number that has absolutely no significance. Perfect!

Presale: 40%
Kenny might die a lot, but he's not a complete idiot. We're offering a generous 40% of the total token supply to those brave (or foolish) souls willing to invest in our pre-launch. It's like betting on Kenny surviving an episode - not likely, but wouldn't it be a hoot?

Liquidity: 30%
Another 30% will be thrown into the murky, unpredictable waters of the Uniswap pool. This liquidity will be locked for 3 months, much like Kenny's fate is locked in every episode. Remember, liquidity lock-up is like Kenny’s parka—essential for his survival... or rather, essential for the token's survival.

Burn: 30%
Taking a leaf out of Kenny's book, a whopping 30% of the total token supply will be sent straight to the fiery depths of token hell. But don't worry, we're not as cruel as the South Park creators - our tokens will be burnt gradually starting 24 hours after listing, and continue over the next three days. Just as Kenny's chances of survival diminish with each passing episode, so too will our token supply.

Burn Schedule

"They Killed Kenny!"

We'll be torching tokens at a rate of 10% every 24 hours until we hit our 30% burn target. After all, what's a Kenny token without a timely and dramatic demise?

Burn Kenny Roadmap

"Screw You Guys, I'm Gonna Make This Happen!"

Q3 2023: "Oh my God, They Actually Did It!"

Launch Phase:
We'll start with a pre-sale, introducing 40% of Burn Kenny tokens to the early birds. Following the pre-sale, we'll make a grand launch on Uniswap, simultaneously throwing 30% of the tokens into the liquidity pool, which will be locked for three months.

Burn Phase:
Starting 24 hours post-launch, we will commence the token burning process, extinguishing tokens at a rate of 10% every 24 hours until we have annihilated 30% of the total token supply.

Post-Burn Phase:
Just as Kenny always resurrects, we anticipate our token will weather the dramatic burning phase and hopefully bounce back. By the end of Q3 2023, we aim to have fulfilled all our roadmap goals.

"Mmmph mmmph mmmph mmmph!"
(Translation: Burn Kenny is the best worst idea ever!)

At Burn Kenny, we revel in the ridiculousness of the crypto world. We're here for the laughs, the facepalms, and the inevitable token burns. Just as South Park satirizes our world, Burn Kenny parodies the serious business of cryptocurrency, reminding us all not to take life, or crypto, too seriously.

So, if you're into self-deprecating humor, pointless tokens, and a deflationary schedule that mirrors the life expectancy of a certain South Park character, then join us on this madcap adventure!


Just as Kenny's life is perpetually in danger, so too is your investment in Burn Kenny. Please invest responsibly. Remember, dying multiple times in a cartoon is funny; losing all your money in real life, not so much.

Kenny Left Corner Image Fire 3 Image Fire 2 Image Kenny Right Corner Image

Burn Kenny



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