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CryptoUnits - 1539+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

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League of Kingdoms 1.0

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Introduction to League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is an Ethereum blockchain-based MMO strategy game, reminiscent of mobile titles like Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming and Rise of Kingdoms. In this game, players engage in strategic competition against each other to establish the strongest kingdom, employing alliances, armies, and resource management.

Gameplay and Features

League of Kingdoms offers engaging and straightforward gameplay, involving kingdom building, resource gathering, and combat against players and monsters. Forming alliances with fellow players is crucial for survival and success. Let's explore some key aspects of League of Kingdoms:

Building Your Kingdom

Players begin with a default castle and must gather resources to fortify and upgrade it, ensuring defense against enemy attacks. Building involves strategic placement and development of various structures like barracks and markets. Forming alliances can expedite kingdom growth, and speed boosters can reduce construction time.

Alliances in LoK

Alliances are vital in League of Kingdoms, offering protection and strategic collaboration. Players are encouraged to form alliances within the initial 72 hours, during which a protection shield is active. Alliances strive to acquire sacred shrines for protection and capture in-game rewards, fostering cooperative gameplay.

Battle Basics: Loot or Lose

Battles in LoK involve aggressive strategies. After the protection shield expires, players engage in player-vs-player combat, seeking to loot resources from opponents. Mastering battle tactics and forming strong alliances are critical for success in the play-to-earn environment of LoK.

In-Game Bundles: Speedup Boost and Crystals

Speedup boosts and crystals are essential power-ups, enhancing troop training, construction, and more. Wise use of speedups can yield substantial rewards during events. Crystals are used to upgrade buildings and can be acquired through in-game tasks or purchases.

Hammer, Helmet, and Portion

These items are crucial in LoK, aiding in building, training armies, and sustaining player health. Hammers come in regular and golden variants, with the latter facilitating simultaneous building. These items contribute to strategic gameplay.

NFTs and Real Money Earning

League of Kingdoms introduces the concept of LAND, virtual real estate, and NFTs. LAND represents tradable resources, and players can earn money by owning LAND and minting in-game assets as NFTs. Trading and selling LAND and resources outside the game can generate real-world value.

Earning Money in League of Kingdoms

Earnings in LoK can occur through LAND ownership and resource minting. Landowners receive a percentage of harvested resources and profits from in-game purchases. Additionally, connecting your account with OpenSea allows you to sell in-game assets as NFTs, providing a potential source of income.

League of Kingdoms FAQs

  • Is League of Kingdoms Free to Play?
    League of Kingdoms is free-to-play and accessible on mobile (Android, iOS), PC, and browsers.
  • Does League of Kingdoms Have a Token?
    Yes, League of Kingdoms has a native governance token called LOKA ($LOKA), enabling various functions within the game, including proposing and voting on governance updates.
  • How Many People Play League of Kingdoms?
    League of Kingdoms boasts over 80,000 active daily players, 15,000 concurrent players, and more than 400,000 monthly active players.

In conclusion, League of Kingdoms differentiates itself through its Ethereum-based gameplay, catering to a crypto-savvy gaming audience. Engaging in resource management and strategic alliances, players can capitalize on the play-to-earn model by retaining and trading in-game assets for real-world value.

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