Are you curious about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or blockchain? Finding the best cryptocurrency websites can be challenging, like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, I’ve done the hard work for you! After extensive research, I’ve curated a collection of the finest crypto links that are dedicated to expanding your knowledge of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Many of these websites I’ve personally used. Keep checking back, as this list continues to grow over time. Don’t forget to bookmark it for future reference, Cryptounit!




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CryptoUnits - 1539+ Best Cryptocurrency Websites & Bitcoin Sites List of 2023!

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Betcoin Review

Betcoin stands out among the limited number of bitcoin crypto gambling platforms that have successfully sustained their relevance for over seven years. With a comprehensive array of gambling services encompassing both casino games and sports betting, this website offers a distinctive experience. Our review will delve into the distinguishing characteristics that separate Betcoin from its competitors, as well as analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this platform.

An examination of Betcoin

In 2013, the Betcoin platform was introduced as a gambling website that centers around bitcoin, offering a secure and confidential way to engage in cryptocurrency-based earning opportunities. Over time, Betcoin has experienced significant expansion and has become recognized as one of the leading platforms for crypto gambling. Initially limited to bitcoin transactions, Betcoin has subsequently expanded its payment options to include altcoins.

Betcoin has chosen a flexible strategy for its gambling operations to attract bettors who prefer to complete all their gambling activities on a single platform. Essentially, Betcoin provides a variety of gambling options that we believe would appeal to the average bettor. Specifically, the website includes a sportsbook, an esports section, and a casino, all of which are extensively equipped. It can be confidently stated that the chances of experiencing boredom while gambling on Betcoin are minimal.

Betcoin also demonstrates a commendable commitment to fostering a sense of community. The platform includes a forum-like section where players can share their own experiences with the Betcoin site and offer guidance to newcomers. Additionally, we observed that Betcoin has chosen to adopt an unconventional bonus system, which we will delve into further in this guide. It is important to note that certain requirements may need to be met in order to fully enjoy the bonuses provided by Betcoin.

One more thing you should note is that Betcoin is licensed in Curacao. Hence, individuals living in certain countries are not allowed on this website. If you are eligible to use Betcoin, you will only need to submit an email address to access its games. However, Betcoin holds the right to request a comprehensive identity check. From what we have read from some customer reviews, Betcoin often implements these checks when players request large withdrawals. In other words, if you are looking for a gambling website where you do not need to scale a KYC procedure, Betcoin may not be the appropriate option for you. Now that we have summarized how Betcoin operates, it is time to take a deep dive into some of the core features of Betcoin.

UX/UI design

Betcoin doesn't believe in a minimalist approach to gambling. The developers have skillfully blended a dark and vibrant design to enhance the website's visual appeal. Thankfully, they have also implemented the same high-quality approach when it comes to the game graphics on the website. The games run smoothly and don't appear to be hastily thrown together. Based on our observations, Betcoin is dedicated to delivering a top-notch gaming experience for its users.

Navigating the Betcoin website was a breeze, even with its extensive collection of games. The website provides handy features for sorting through the game library. You have the option to search for particular games or filter the selection by choosing a game provider from the list. What's interesting is that when you click on a game on Betcoin, you are instantly taken to a page that presents essential details about the game. Moreover, underneath this page, you can find a compilation of similar games, which can be helpful if you're considering other options.

Betcoin’s games

As previously discussed, Betcoin's website consists of three main divisions for gambling. One section is dedicated to casino games, while the remaining two provide options for placing bets on sports competitions and esports.

Betcoin Casino

Within this segment, Betcoin provides an enumeration of premier casino games. Gamblers have the privilege of selecting from an extensive array of games, which can be further categorized as follows:

  • Slot
  • Video poker
  • Table games
  • Roulette
  • Dice games
  • "Real-time casino games"
  • Jackpot
  • Casino games that can be proven to be fair.

In total, the Betcoin platform offers a selection of more than 2,000 games. It is worth noting that Betcoin aims to do more than just provide a wide range of casino games. They also make an effort to highlight the games developed by some of today's leading game providers. The roster of featured game providers includes Betsoft, eBet, Evolution Gaming, iSofbet, and many others.

The Sportsbook provided by Betcoin.

Betcoin offers not only a casino section on its website but also a sportsbook, allowing users to place bets on both real-life sporting events and virtual games. Based on our investigation, we can assert with certainty that Betcoin's sportsbook is just as extensive as those offered by platforms solely focused on this gambling category. With an impressive selection of over 75 sports, including popular ones like football and basketball, Betcoin provides players with a range of tournaments and leagues associated with their chosen sport.

Betcoin esports

At Betcoin, there's the additional feature of placing wagers on esports matches and even examining the outcomes of past matchups. A variety of esports alternatives are offered on Betcoin, such as:

  • Dota 2
  • "League of Legends" can be described as a popular online multiplayer video game.
  • Counter-Strike
  • StarCraft
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow Six
  • Call of Duty

Betcoin offers an additional choice known as virtual games. Within this category, players have the opportunity to place bets on simulated sports events, including greyhound racing, horse racing, and a virtual football league.

Additional perks and promotional offers

Betcoin adopts a distinctive strategy with its bonus structure. Despite the claim on the website that new players are granted a 100% welcome bonus, this claim lacks accuracy. In order to be eligible for this bonus, new players are required to accumulate a specific quantity of points known as status points. The intricacies of this system will be clarified in the following explanation.

Betcoin has a VIP player program where players are classified according to the amount of status points they gather. More details about this classification system can be found here. It is crucial to understand that status points are earned by players who actively participate and place bets. The type of games played also factors into the distribution of these points.

In the realm of Casino games, a bet of 1 USD will grant you 0.2 status points, while in the sportsbook division, each 1 USD bet rewards the player with 0.1 status points. As you accumulate more points, your position within Betcoin's VIP player's club will also increase. It's important to bear in mind that every rank within the club entails unique benefits.

In order to gain access to the welcome bonus package, newly registered individuals need to accumulate 1,000 status points. Upon reaching this point threshold, players become eligible for the welcome bonus package. Upon making their next deposit, they can opt to receive a bonus of 100% of their deposit, up to 1 BTC, along with a free spin. The second deposit will unlock another bonus of 50% of the deposit amount, up to 1 BTC, and an extra free spin. Lastly, upon the third deposit, players can enjoy a bonus of 25% of their deposit, up to 1 BTC, alongside another free spin.

It is important to be aware that these bonuses carry a wagering requirement of 20 times. Additionally, it is not possible to utilize the bonus on the mobile version of the site. To fully maximize the benefits of the welcome bonus, it is necessary to access Betcoin from a computer.

Excluded nations

Although Betcoin is accessible worldwide, like many other gambling websites that are licensed in Curacao, it does not provide support to certain countries. These countries are as follows:

  • The term "United States of America" refers to the country itself and it includes its dependencies, military bases, and territories.
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Portugal
  • Aruba
  • Bonaire
  • Curacao
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine

Moreover, specific games are subject to limitations in certain jurisdictions. As an illustration, residents of Canada are prohibited from accessing NYX games. Consequently, it is recommended to carefully review the terms and conditions before signing up on Betcoin.

Fund Transfers and Cashouts

Betcoin offers support for a variety of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, and Ripple for deposits. The minimum deposit amount acceptable at Betcoin is 0.1 mBTC or 0.0001 BTC. When it comes to withdrawals, options are limited to BTC, ETH, or LTC. A minimum withdrawal amount of 0.0005 BTC is required. Nonetheless, if you happen to win up to 3 BTC, Betcoin reserves the right to pay out your winnings in monthly installments, with each installment equal to 10% of the total winnings. Since Betcoin exclusively facilitates cryptocurrency transactions, the process is instantaneous.

Support for customers

Betcoin goes above and beyond to offer a comprehensive customer support system. Users can make use of a variety of options, which include the following:

  • Support ticket
  • Email support
  • Constant availability of chat support for assistance at all times
  • Community forum
  • An active blog
  • An extensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Betcoin?

Pros of Betcoin

Betcoin provides a variety of different betting options for gamblers.

As previously mentioned in this manual, Betcoin provides an extensive cryptocurrency gambling platform that encompasses a casino, a sportsbook, and an esports division. In each of these categories, Betcoin has made significant efforts to deliver an impressive and extensive assortment of games.

The site allows for a high-quality gaming experience.

Betcoin has sufficiently fulfilled its purpose in providing an excellent gambling platform, ensuring that users have access to the highest quality gaming experience available.

The level of customer support is excellent.

Betcoin has made sure that users have access to all the assistance they require to enhance their experience on its website by providing a variety of customer support channels.

Its reputation is well-regarded.

It is widely acknowledged that operating a successful business in the crypto sector, particularly when managing users' digital assets, poses significant challenges. The importance of addressing security risks in such a setup cannot be overstated. Consequently, it is impressive that Betcoin, which has been in operation since 2013, has managed to avoid any significant security crises.

Cons of Betcoin

Fiat currency is not accepted.

If your intention was to add fiat currency to your Betcoin account, you might want to reconsider as the website does not offer a means to make such deposits.

Betcoin does not provide a conventional package for their welcome bonus.

As per the stipulated regulations that govern the bonus system at Betcoin, it is necessary for individuals to hold the status of an engaged player and be a member of the VIP club in order to commence receiving bonuses. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the bonus remains inaccessible on the website's mobile version, which is rather unexpected.

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Pros & Cons

  • Betcoin offers an array of gambling features
  • The website enables a quality gaming experience
  • The customer support is top-notch
  • It has a good reputation
  • Beginners earn 100 % BTC and over 200 spins on registration.
  • Fast and quick deposit and withdrawal.
  • Protects against fraud.
  • It does not support fiat
  • Betcoin does not offer a traditional welcome bonus package







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