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Why is Bitcoin price up today?[2024-1-12]

Chainlink faces one hurdle on path to $20, on-chain metrics signal price rally

Bitcoin price dropped to $41,707, and BTC price made a comeback above $42,500 on Monday.
Rising Bitcoin supply on exchanges saw BTC fear and greed index shift to neutral.
Bitcoin whales engaged in profit-taking as the BTC price slipped from $46,900 to $41,700, according to Santiment data.
Bitcoin (BTC) price slipped to its support zone on Monday as market participants turned their attention to Ethereum and altcoins. BTC Spot ETF approvals by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) turned out to be a “sell the news” event, with Bitcoin suffering a 15% decline in its price.

At the current price, 79.33% of BTC wallet addresses are profitable, on-chain data shows. Crypto analysts have said that BTC issuers’ accumulation of the asset could catalyze a recovery in the cryptocurrency as it fuels demand.

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Daily digest market movers: Bitcoin ETF issuers could amass more BTC than largest public holders
Luke Broyles, a crypto expert on X, said that at the current rate, BlackRock could end up owning more Bitcoin than MicroStrategy by February 1. Broyles argued this could change if current rates slow down or Bitcoin price rallies.
Demand for Bitcoin from ETF issuers could catalyze a recovery in BTC price as the asset’s downtrend seems to have hit support at $41,700.
BTC is currently in a support zone ($41,417 to $43,345) where 2.93 million addresses acquired 991,100 BTC, according to IntoTheBlock data. The next target to the upside is the $43,345 level.

Factors that likely contributed to Bitcoin’s recent decline include its rising supply on exchanges and whale profit-taking.
BTC supply on exchanges climbed from a six-month low of 5.30% on January 7 to 5.39% on Monday. Typically, an increase in the asset’s supply on exchanges is considered bearish as it may contribute to a rise in selling pressure.

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Santiment data shows how the recent spikes in whale transactions valued at $100,000 and higher coincide with similar moves in the Network Realized Profit/Loss metric. This means that large wallet addresses are indeed taking profits, contributing to push BTC price lower, according to Santiment data.
The Bitcoin Fear and Greed index, which analyzes the current market sentiment of BTC holders, shows that sentiment has shifted from “Extreme Fear” to neutral.

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin price eyes recovery after price drops to $41,700

Bitcoin price fell to the $41,707 level, below its two long-term 10-day and 50-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) at $43,710 and $42,094, respectively. BTC hit a two-year peak $48,989 on January 11, before dropping to support at $41,707.

On the upside, BTC price faces resistance at the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of $43,074 of the decline registered from November 2021 to November 2022.

Why is Bitcoin price up today?


In the dynamic and volatile world of cryptocurrency, the constant fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin have become a source of fascination and speculation. As enthusiasts and investors eagerly monitor the markets, the question “Why is Bitcoin price up today?” echoes through forums and news outlets. This article aims to delve into the factors contributing to the current surge in Bitcoin prices.

Macro Economic Factors:

One of the primary drivers behind the recent uptick in Bitcoin prices is the macroeconomic environment. Global uncertainties, such as geopolitical tensions, economic instability, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, often lead investors to seek alternative assets for wealth preservation. Bitcoin, often referred to as “digital gold,” has gained traction as a store of value during times of economic uncertainty. As traditional markets experience turbulence, investors are turning to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolios.

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Institutional Adoption:

Institutional adoption has played a crucial role in legitimizing and boosting the value of Bitcoin. Over the past few months, several major financial institutions and corporations have made significant investments in Bitcoin. High-profile endorsements and investments from companies like Tesla, MicroStrategy, and Square have provided a vote of confidence in the cryptocurrency, attracting more institutional interest. The participation of institutional investors brings increased liquidity to the market and contributes to a positive feedback loop, driving prices higher.

Regulatory Developments:

The regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies has been evolving, impacting investor sentiment and market dynamics. Positive regulatory developments, such as increased clarity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies, can have a positive effect on prices. Conversely, negative regulatory news can create uncertainty and lead to short-term price corrections. Recent indications of regulatory acceptance and frameworks in various countries have provided a sense of stability, contributing to the current bullish sentiment.

Supply and Demand Dynamics:

Bitcoin’s fixed supply of 21 million coins is a fundamental aspect of its design. The halving events, which reduce the rate at which new bitcoins are created, occur approximately every four years, contributing to a gradual reduction in the overall supply. This scarcity, combined with growing demand, exerts upward pressure on prices. Investors often anticipate halving events, and the recent one in 2020 has likely influenced the current price rally.

Market Sentiment and Technical Analysis:

The cryptocurrency market is highly influenced by sentiment and technical analysis. Traders and investors closely follow market indicators, chart patterns, and social media trends to gauge sentiment. Positive sentiment, fueled by optimistic news and positive technical indicators, can create a self-fulfilling prophecy as more market participants enter or hold their positions. Understanding the psychological aspects of market sentiment is crucial in interpreting short-term price movements.


While pinpointing a single reason for the daily fluctuations in Bitcoin prices may be challenging, a combination of macroeconomic factors, institutional adoption, regulatory developments, supply and demand dynamics, and market sentiment collectively shape the market landscape. The complex interplay of these factors underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency space, where prices can be influenced by a multitude of variables. As the cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to evolve, staying informed about these factors becomes essential for anyone navigating the exciting yet unpredictable world of Bitcoin trading and investment.

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