Automated Crypto Trading Platform Offers an Unrivaled Deal

TradeSanta, cloud-based software for automated crypto trading, has launched the greatest sale in its history. It seems like a good time to thank all of the loyal users for their support through the challenging times in cryptomarket. Now if you buy an annual package with 50% off, you’ll get a year-long subscription at no charge.

The offer is valid for all the plans, including Basic, Advanced, and Maximum, and if you already have a paid subscription and are interested in this offer, just contact the support team. They will guide you through the upgrade.


TradeSanta’s trading bots provide automation tools for traders on top exchanges to stay ahead. For more than 2 years, the platform has been working towards providing an easy on-ramp for casual and novice traders.

As of writing, the service registers more than 73278 active users, 15611 trading bots, and 2672496 completed deals.

Virtual trading, manual trading, DCA, and grid strategies together with risk-management tools and technical indicators factor in the choice of many who prefer TradeSanta and place a vast number of orders 27/4 through crypto trading bots.

Want to try TradeSanta? Start your free trial right now and find all the answers to your questions on our community’s Telegram channel!


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