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Elon Musks Twitter account hacked!

It is not sure what is happening right now but Elon Musks Twitter account seems to be hacked – he deletes the free BTC spamming tweets but the are coming back. Saty tuned we will keep the post updated. More accounts hacked read more here: The biggest Twitter hack? Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Uber and many more

Update1: It seems like some Twitter API posting service has been compromised – many other Blockchain related accounts are posting scam related content.  That does not change the fact the Elon Musks twitter account was hacked. 

Elon Musk twitter hacked 2020

Update2: He deletes the tweets but the malicious content keeps coming back – see our video made live from Elon Musks Twitter Account hacked.

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Update 3: It seems like people falling for it, it would be really necessary to remove these tweets before people starting to send a shitload of money to hackers / scammers.

Update 4: there is already 240+ transactions and more than 6 BTC on that account – that is crazy how people fall for scams like this .

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